V 7.4.1 version broke tv playlist

Playlists are groups of individual files, and these will be displayed individually.

There was a bug in 7.4 which caused these to be grouped, and this was resolved in 7.4.1.

If you prefer to have things grouped, I would recommend adding these to a Collection instead.

I prefer tv show episode gruped by tv show…It was a “good bug”

can I downgrade to 7.4?

There’s no official way to downgrade App Store apps, but if you switch to using a Collection for these items you should be able to achieve a similar result to what you saw in 7.4.


but tv show collection created in plex do not appear in infuse

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I’ve been waiting a long time but it turned out that what I wanted was actually a bug…:slight_smile:

episodes of the same show in a playlist should be grouped

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using collections I can get a similar result but not in the home screen!

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