V. 5.5 Smart Filters and Movie Collections

I just updated to 5.5 on my 4th Gen ATV and don’t see where I can enable Smart filters. Movie Collections is that auto based on my titles? or is there a setting to enable that collections feature.


According to the release notes it appears to be iOS only…

Any idea when ATV will get these features.

Thanks for the reply…

Actually, Infuse for Apple TV has had these since version 4.2. The new release 5.5 has brought these to the iOS version of infuse. 5.5 brought the iOS more in line with the tvOS version. It has done some bug squashing in 5.5 for the ATV version.

In the ATV version, you enable the library view in the settings and the smart filters are listed in the library. When enabled it will add another favorite on the Infuse home screen called Library. The smart filters aren’t created, they are already set up inside the library view for movies, TV, and others.

Collections are also automatically included in the Movies section of the library.