Utilize Plex skip commercials / end credit metadata for Infuse

I saw the previously closed topics and can confirm this is different. Skip commercials button does not appear in infuse (skip intro works as expected).

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I would really like to see this as well.

I would love to see this as well!

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Would love if the durations for advancing to the next episode were customizable for this. And choosing to insta-go to the next episode or see an “Up Next” screen would be amazing. Best of both worlds.


Today’s 7.7 adds support for additional Plex skip features, and Infuse now supports skip intros, credits, and commercials. :slight_smile:

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hey james, will Infuse store the “intro” and “credits” timestamps from Plex locally so they can be used in offline playback?

storing that metadata for ‘X version of movie / episode with exactly Y duration / frames’ sounds pretty useful. i’ve been wanting to add manual intro and end credit timestamps to my NFOs for awhile now but this could work in a more automated way if i siphon the data threw Plex first

Since direct mode advertises “limited offline browsing” I’m going to guess that it doesn’t store much in this area.

offline ‘browsing’ and offline ‘playback’ feel intrinsically different to me - but still, i’m willing to bet you’re right in assuming it wouldn’t / doesn’t