Utilize Plex skip commercials / end credit metadata for Infuse

time for Infuse to utilize Plex’s Skip Credit feature to improve its current implementation?


I just had my first experience of skip end credits and just wow!!
Skip intros is kind of cool but this is something else.
Really hope this comes to Infuse one day.


My ex would start giddily dancing (admittedly adorably) to the Game of Throne’s into music each week when it came on and would have absolutely murdered me had I (or some pseudo-A.I.) skipped past it. :slight_smile:

I’m also one of those guys who feels obligated to stay in theater while the credits roll to acknowledge all the artists and craftspeople who contributed to the production … so I’d probably feel pretty guilty about using such a feature.

That’s not to say I wouldn’t be tempted — as long as it only functioned when the outro-music is the same every week. When “prestige TV” continues each episode’s unique closing song or score into the credits continuing the set mood beyond the end of the episode proper, I still want to experience that.

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For me it’s more the movies.
I just experienced Ant-Man with skip-credits and even with movies like that where there are credits then a scene and then more credits and a final scene it just works. It also has great detection for when a movie is finally ended and doesn’t leave it 90% watched.

Just a pity that the Plex clients on Apples devices is such an afterthought because MPV player truly sucks.

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That’s impressive. I’d have been paranoid about possibly missing such a mid or post credits scene.

How does it work dynamically, when users likely have titles with at least slightly different run-times based on how the content was sourced and encoded; and multiple versions (different edits) exist?

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Yeah I haven’t delved too much yet.
But I believe different cuts have different id’s.
There’s an ever growing database but if there’s no existing match then it will actually scan my personal copy and create an I’d for it and upload it to the database then anyone with that same version are golden.

When I get chance I’m gonna test it out on my Shield. As all my media is in the cloud it’s far snappier than Plex on the Apple TV (but still abysmal compared to Infuse.)

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Reckon we add in a feature like Netflix’s autoplay with countdown? The one where the next episode starts playing automatically after 5 seconds.
Netflix uses some fancy tech to make it happen, but we’ve already got the server-side sorted with Plex. So we can use the credit markers to smoothly include the countdown and even preload the next episode for a seamless transition.
Now, fair dinkum, I know there could be some technical hurdles to get over, but it’s worth a crack, eh?

Netflix also controls every file they stream — they know at exactly which time codes the credits begin and end. Neither Plex nor Infuse can ever be so certain of when those points occur in some random user’s home-made or internet-sourced rip.

Hope we see this added sometime in the near future!

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They use the video to analyze credits, unlike intros which use audio.

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So it will cut off unique music during credit roll? Bummer. I guess Netflix does the same if you push the button? If the feature just pops up the button to skip but doesn’t do it automatically, that would be cool. :+1:t3:

Well if it mimics the way skip intros were integrated into Infuse then that’s exactly what should happen.

As a side note, having had a little time to check out the way Plex have this integrated for TV shows I just find it to be meh!!!
I doubt I would use it for shows unless it’s implemented in a way better than Plex has it. (That’s not so say I won’t change my mind after a little more testing.) :joy:

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It works differently depending on the player. For example on the windows media player, I get a skip credits button that looks very much like the Skip intro button. However on the Apple TV player it reduces the video window to show you other options now that this episode is done, very similar to how the Netflix app does things. You can still see it and hear it, and you can select it to maximize it again.

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Oh, I never liked that; but I understand why it’s the popular option. I’d only want it to do that when there’s no more episodes left in the series I’m watching … if even then. Well-timed button is better (imo).

But thanks for the explanation!

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Exactly why I found the usage in TV shows less impressive. One long press achieves the same result of moving to the next episode without a minimised window.

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It would be fantastic to see Infuse leverage this data to create something akin to Netflix’s “up next” screen — or even better — Apple TV’s version, where you get a choice of what to play next from your current queue.

Infuse is currently very very ugly in this regard, so things can only really get better.

While I’m not sure it’s the intended use, I would like to use the data to either skip the credits completely or reduce the volume.

So many times I’ve fallen asleep watching something only to be jerked awake at the end by the loud credits music, then taking ages to fall back asleep.

@Scwheeler @rob.barrie
Don’t forget the like the first post.

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Plex metadata support markers for intros, commercials and credits that (in the native Plex apps) provide the feature to skip it. Currently only skipping for intros is supported in Infuse but not for commercials or credits.

I could find a few posts but those have been closed and merged into other posts. Like this which resulted in only getting the intro skip feature or this which is doesn’t have to do with EDL files. So I hope my post will not meet the same fate and be merged with something it has nothing to do except a few keywords.

Currently the Plex metadata from the server API provide something like this in XML

<Marker id="96725" type="intro" startTimeOffset="256513" endTimeOffset="277897">
<Attributes id="96725"/>
<Marker id="96725" type="commercial" startTimeOffset="0" endTimeOffset="168840">
<Attributes id="96725"/>
<Marker id="96725" type="commercial" startTimeOffset="1337080" endTimeOffset="1591500">
<Attributes id="96725"/>
<Marker final="1" id="96725" type="credits" startTimeOffset="3175392" endTimeOffset="3354880">
<Attributes id="96725" version="4"/>

We can see markers with different type attributes. “intro” is already implemented in Infuse, “commercial” and “credits” are not. So I guess it should not be something completely new just some little enhancement/extension of previous logic.

IF type = “intro” THEN show_skip_button(“Skip Intro”)
ELSE IF type =“commercials” THEN show_skip_button(“Skip Commercials”)
ELSE IF type =“credits” THEN show_skip_button(“Skip Credits”)


@james infuse support Plex intro skipping, this would be nice (and maybe easy for the developers) to support the end credits skipping of Plex. Any eta or opinion on the subject ?