Using XML files only for entered movie informations


I have renamed movie file to my own name (like “Marvel 01 Iron Man 1 (2008).mkv”, “Marvel 22 Avengers - Endgame (2019).mkv”, …) because of ordering and identification. For each file, that I have named with name, that cant Infuse found on internet automaticaly I have XML file, that contains only title, so “Marvel 22 Avengers - Endgame (2019).xml” contain only:

Avengers - Endgame

Problem is, that Infuse dont dowbload other informations from net. Is solution for this? Maybe, genereate XML files that contain whole informations? How? Or edit XML file with parameter, thet download other informations?


When using XML files, Infuse will avoid displaying extra information that is not present in the XML file.

This gives the ability to have full control over what you see in Infuse, and helps avoid issues with duplicate data. For example, if you were to define a list of 4 actors, Infuse could then add actors from TMDb, resulting in possible duplicates.

Thanks, but this is not answer for my question.

Unfortunately, there is no way for Infuse to add this information automatically.

You would need to add the info to your XML files. I believe there are some tools that allow you to create XML files, which you can then simply edit to your liking.

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