Using Trakt to share Pro with family members has been hit and miss recently

Not sure when it started (maybe with the big trakt outage a couple months back), but using trakt to share my pro purchase with my family has been hit and miss since then.

Sometimes the lack of pro lasts for a couple of days, sometimes it only a few hours, but nothing seems to fix it (logging out, reinstalling, rebooting etc). It just fixes itself on its own.

Any idea as to what may be causing this and how we can work around it?

I take it I am the only one experiencing this?

In the past 2 months, both the App Store and Trakt have experienced outages.

For some, this has required signing out and back in to Trakt.

For the App Store, you may need to check and ensure the Pro license is currently active on the purchaser’s device - and then ensure Infuse has completed a full sync (to ensure it is up to date with Trakt).

For example, if you happened to get invalid data from the App Store during the outage and that was synced to Trakt, it may affect sharing. Or, if one of the devices appears to be logged into Trakt, but actually isn’t (due to the outage) then that could also affect sharing.

I would probably start by logging out of Trakt on all devices, and then logging back in.

Ahh sorry, James, I should have mentioned that I have logged in and out every time it happens, and that doesn’t solve it.

It will eventually resolve itself, but logging in and out has no effect, even if done over the course of the multiple-day outage.