Using SSD as internal disk

Since a couple of week my ATV is making random clicking sounds coming from what I believe the HDD.
This could mean the HDD is about to fail or it could be harmless HDD “feature” , funny thing is, it’s also audible while on standby and since it’s in my bedroom it irritates me. Done some Googling on random clicking sounds but had no resolution found so far. My other ATV is fine so it’s not an ATV standard undocumented feature.

Anyway, I was thinking of replacing the HDD with a SSD, I don’t need the size, 32GB is big enough since all content is coming from NAS.
Anyone tried this, is it compatible, any caveats known.? any help/info is much appreciated.

Yes, definitely possible.

Brilliant find, thanks!
That is indeed all I needed and will certainly do the same mod soon

Hi All,
I am having trouble getting my WD MyBookWorld NAS drive to be recognised as an external disk for AppleTV. I have followed all instructions but with no luck. Does the NAS have to be FAT32 or Mac formatted to work?..because it is probably NTFS formatted and maybe that is the problem. :smiley:
David P

Unfortunately NTFS drives are not supported. You can reformat in FAT32 by following the steps here: