Using SMB playing 4K Movies buffers

Hi just bought a subscription and it has been great so far but for some reason Using SMB protocol I get buffering every 5 minutes. My full 4K files are on a windows 10 Machine and everything is connected by Ethernet.

But When using Plex DLNA protocol I get no buffering at all on my 4K movies on the Apple TV 4K. My shield TV also has no buffering when using the Plex client so I know I’ve setup everything right.

Is SMB just too slow? To play high bit rate 4K files, I thought it would be better at streaming than DLNA.

Do not like using Plex DLNA because it seems to mess up the recently added section and is not really in sync with an actual Plex client. Can’t wait for you to integrate a proper Plex client setup within infuse. Thanks team for all your hard work.

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There were a few changes in the recent Windows 10 Creators update which have caused a few issues with the Infuse’s current SMB implementation.

Fortunately, we’ve been working on an all-new SMB implementation which should help avoid issues like these, and plan to have this available soon.

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I use Apple TV 4K with Time Capsule able to play 60gb of 4K movie without buffer issue (via WiFi 802.11AC), Movie stored in Time Capsule.
Maybe you need to check you equipment and 10/100 ethernet may not capable for this due to other factor such as signal loss in network cable.

Well as James has said there are some SMB issues with infuse with the Windows 10 creators update which will be fixed soon.

There is nothing wrong with my network as i said I can play high bit files which are 90gb in size without buffering using DLNA. I also use SMB with kodi on my shield TV without buffering, this works wireless or wired.

I’m having same issue. Will try to watch my movies on my Freenas instead of Windows 10 and see what happens.

Just a side note, my 4K videos were wack and kewt buffering. This was on a Windows 10 machine. I took the advice in this thread, threw the movies onto my Freenas, and guess what? Flawless. So it is indeed an issue with WIndows 10.

We have started beta testing 5.6.9 with our all-new SMB implementation.

Anyone who is interested in trying this build early please let me know and we’ll get you added to the beta.

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Always more than happy to help beta test.

I’m having the same issue. My server is Windows 10. Do you know how I can join and download the new beta version without SMB problem?

Just a little clarification, the beta isn’t necessarily “without SMB problems”, it’s a new implementation of SMB that “MAY” solve some issues that some users are experiencing. It is BETA so tester beware before you install, you may end up with more of an issue until there is a release version.

I’ll be glad to help you test this new SMB version

I’m experience the same thing with samba from a Linux setup. A large (80gb) movie usually streams flawless from start and up to 20 minutes then it starts buffering every minute or so. I have done some tweaking in the samba config with only minor improvements. When I monitor the speed It seems to be stable at 60mbs when it’s good then suddenly drop to 45mbs once a minute when it starts buffering.
Could this be related to the samba issue described?
I’m using Ethernet btw.