Using scan for changes

Hi when I click scan for changes there are two files that are being checked for artwork every time. I use google drive and my pc to host files. It takes about a minute to complete a scan for changes. At the end of the process these two files are downloading metadata and artwork. Any ideas why they don’t get the metadata permanently? Any way for me to ID the files causing this? Also is this why it’s taking as long as a minute to complete a scan?

There really isn’t a need to run the scan for changes option manually. Infuse will silently do this in the background when opening the app, and update any items as needed.

You can simply use the app normally while this happens.

Thanks for explaining that Infuse does it in the background no matter what. At lesst I know now for sure why my NAS’ HDDs start spinning if I try to watch something even though it’s stored locally. Would prefer if this functionality was optional, same as possibility to lock orientation for iPad too but I don’t get my hopes up.