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To get infuse to manage my video collection, I’m being forced to use Plex. I was hoping infuse would add more features.
I started using Plex, now I need to learn new app settings, and these new setting are not simple.
Now the problem is to figure which setting in Plex can work in infuse and what settings I need to change.
I read in this forum that infuse is the better media player, but the player part isn’t everything, and managing video collections is where infuse is lacking.
I’m sure previous Plex users have no issues, but if Plex was so great, why use infuse. I find Plex complicated.
Maybe we need a Plex area cause Plex does not have a forum like here.
Thanks for having a place where I can state an opinion.
I’ll keep doing what I’m doing and hope for a better future.

I think the answer to the second part, you answered yourself with the first comment.

My take is…
Plex is good at organising and it “only” took them about 10 years to achieve a decent UI.
The player engine is abysmal, although they’re working on a new on one.

So for sure Infuse UI isn’t is pretty as Plex (imho) but Infuse are working on a new UI.

It’s all fine and great having a UI that’s polished…Or at least it would be if media would actually play without stutter, freezing or in the case of the last few betas of their new player, media doesn’t play at all.

So I guess that’s why many, like myself have to combine the two.


To get infuse to manage my video collection, I’m being forced to use Plex.

In what way are you being forced? Plex needs Plex server software installed somewhere, Infuse just needs file sharing (off a computer, routers that will share their USB port, WebDAV, Google Drive, and lots of other options.

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By forcing someone to use Plex means infuse is adding features that require Plex instead of adding the features to infuse.
Of course we don’t have to install Plex, and just use infuse as is.