Using Plex with only one USB HD?

Is it possible to install Plex on Apple TV2 and to watch movies which are on one usb hd which is attached to Netgear 3700 router?

Or do I really need Plex Media Server runing on MAC device?

Does this mean that I need:

  • server (mac book) with installed Plex Media Server on it

  • Apple TV2 as client for plex

  • usb hd connected with router with all media on it


What I need is one application on Apple TV2 which will play files on my usb hd which is conneted with Netgear 3700 router.

Does this mean that I cannot use Plex but have to use XBMC or Media Player (aTV Flash)?


I am new to Apple TV2 and some things are not clear to me.