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I can add a playlist by long clicking no the video and adding it to a playlist. I can make a new playlist by long clicking on a video and adding to a playlist and clicking new platlist. Where are the playlists? How do I access the list of playlists? How do I delete a playlist?

If you go into the Library view there is a Playlist section. You can go into that and then favourite any you would like to appear at the top level in inFuse.

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Playlists not seen in ios library. Where is the link in how to use all these new features that you mention?

from ATVBlack to 6.2

This thread is in the tvOS forum so you may not get a lot of views for iOS questions but I believe that in iOS if you tap the browse icon (magnifying glass) you’ll find “Playlists” at the top above All Movies.

Not sure what you mean by “from ATVBlack to 6.2” so you may want to elaborate a bit.

Thank you itimpi for the fast help! I had the Library view turned off and am using favorites so I go directly to the what I want. I have now found that I can put in a playlist and then turn off the library view too.

Problem solved.

Thanks NC. I am seeing what you mean. Never thought to click on magnifying glass. I was certain it was for searching. Is this info posted anywhere on support? Had to search around for the shuffle feature to work. With the awful state of Plex 6.2 is gonna be a winner I think.

the"from ATVBlack to 6.2" was meant to be a kind of signature to show that I have been with Firecore from the beginning.

Many thanks.


Sorry for the confusion.

We now have an official guide for Playlists up at the link below.

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