Using Mac with Parallels and Windows 7: ATV 2 recognized but no driver support...?

I tried to do a tethered JB on my ATV 2 with 6.0.2 on my Mac (OS 10.6.8) and I got  “Firmware Restore Failed?”. So I thought to download Seas0nPass for Windows and installed it no issues and the program starts up just fine.  But when I plug in the ATV 2, Windows recognizes it but says there isn’t a driver for it…and I can’t find one.  How do I fix this?

Have you installed the Windows version of iTunes? That should have installed the driver.

Excellent question…no, I don’t believe that I have. Will be my next step and I’ll report back.

Thanks for the suggestion…loading iTunes fixed the USB driver issue. When I tried the tethered JB I got to the part where it says “creating ifaith SHSH Blob…” But then got the following message “seas0npass was unable to save signatures for this Apple TV.”

So where does that leave me? If there is an option to continue the jailbreak without saving signatures, I don’t know how. Seas0nPass just stops there.