Using Local Metadata

Hey Folks,

Huge fan of the app so far, and cant wait until we have native Plex support as a client!!

I am, however, coming across some issue with metadata on Infuse, within my movies directory my content is structured as such:

Movie Name (DATE)

  • Filename-Type-Quality-date.mkv
  • moviename-fanart.jpg
  • moviename.nfo
  • moviename.tbn
  • banner.jpg
  • disk.jpg
  • landscape.jpg
  • logo.jpg

Now, infuse seems to default to using my local metadata, so I went into the setting and turned this off, as I dont have the movie poster images, so it ends up using a random image file from the local collection.

After turning off local metadata, re-scanning the library for changes, then picking a film and having it to fetch metadata, it still uses the local files unless I delete them. (Source: Metadata 101 – Firecore)

Any ideas / helps / tips would be appreciated :slight_smile:


I just tried this evening to select the “clear metadata” option and have it rescan but the results are the same.

Infuse insists on using the local metadata even when I selected not to :frowning:

Infuse will always use local images, if present.

The ‘Embedded Metadata’ option only applies to metadata/images stored inside the video files.