Using iTunes Library


I imported all my movies, tv shows and home videos to iTunes and my iTunes library stored in my NAS. I edited all movies metadata and attached subtitles. itunes can play them without problem. I installed Infuse on my Apple TV and connected to iTunes media library through SMB. I can play movies and I can explore folders. But there is some problems:

  1. Infuse adds my movies and TV shows to “Other” library automatically. So I need to edit metadata each time to change to “Movie” library.
  2. Infuse not using embedded metadata. All movies and TV shows metadata embedded by Subler app of Mac OS. What app is recommend to add correct metadata?
  3. Infuse cannot understand iTunes TV shows folder structure. It works like “TV Show name”/Season 01/“Episode Name”.mp4. If I change Episode Name to TV_Show_name_season_01_episode_name.mp4 it works. But itunes not understand it.

How to solve these problems?


If you prefer to use embedded metadata instead of online metadata, you can enable the ‘Embedded Metadata’ option in the Infuse > Settings menu.

However, please note the Library categories will only work when online metadata is enabled/used.

is it possible to use embedded metadata for library? sometimes online metadata not found correct metadata specially tv shows and korean or asian movies. So embedded is easy way.

Not at this time, but this is something we have on our roadmap to improve for a future update.

ok thanks. how about itunes folder structure?

The folder structures is something we’ve looked at, but the challenge is it doesn’t include the episode number. In these cases the episode number may be embedded in the file’s metadata somewhere, but Infuse will not pick that up - at least not yet.

Overall, both of these require special handling which we hope to address in the future. :slight_smile: