Using it as a Virtual Machine Keyboard Mouse Video adapter


Small request.

Think you could get it to run a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) client and use a bluetooth keyboard and mouse?

I'm seriously thinking my next desktop will be a linux kvm host and that I'll run my next desktop in a series of vm's on top of a hardware raid system.

It would be really awesome to be able to say browse the VM desktops via thumbnails in Coverflow fashion, pic a vm machine and launch an RDP session with that machine.

If it did just that I'd buy a bunch of AppleTv2 devices as network video adapters to go with every LCD monitor.

It would be terribly convenient and useful.

Any display could be used as a Computer Monitor or a Movie/TV Show device.. and if the frame rate were good enough, perhaps with iTunes or VLC, it could be use as a generic display device. Maybe we wouldn't have to worry so much about codec rendering in the AppleTv2 unit itself.

Got my fingers crossed.. here's hoping.


But if that's not possible.. or the keyboard and mouse is not.

How about just as a generic network screen that a remote machine could "throw" an image on to like AirPlay.. only more like MaxiVista.. it shows up as an additional video device in various operating systems.. though for simplicity I'd really rather an RDP client. There are excellent RDP servers for Windows, MacOS and Linux already.

- John W.