Using internal and/or external IP addresses

Hi all. I have a PC configured with a large HDD full of my media and an FTP server running so my other devices can access it internally. However, now I’m able to travel again I don’t know whether to change Infuse to use an external IP and port forwarding (I have a static IP and gigabit fibre to the premises so speed/access isn’t a bottleneck).

My options seem to be:

  1. Change my single configuration to use the external IP, meaning I have just one server configured in Infuse to sync across my devices BUT at the expense of files going out to the internet and then back again when I’m actually on my home network;


  1. Create a second server in Infuse — one using the internal IP, one using the external — which will save on bandwidth but means I’ll have to choose a different server manually whether I’m at home or not.

In option 2, it’s not really a hassle to do that, but does Infuse handle having two servers even though the physical server and all media is the same? Would it create two instances of all meta data, play history etc?

I’d love to know how other people handle this.

Thanks so much.

Use an external dynamic DNS name. Internally create a record in your local DNS server and have it point to the internal IP of your server instead of the external IP. This ensures local traffic does go out the WAN and come back in when accessing your server.

I’ll give this a try thank you!