Using Infuse with 2 different but synchronized NAS

Hello All,

I have currently following configuration for my primary residence:
Infuse on ATV is configured to search for files on Synology NAS (through SMB Share).
My Infuse library is synchronized with iCloud.

Now I have acquired a secondary residence, I have installed there another Synology NAS which is synchronized with NAS in my main home (using Cloud Station)
Would it be possible in this second home to install another ATV that would use same Infuse account/library? Should I use same SMB name and/or internal ip adress for both NAS?


If the content was kept in sync, it would probably work if you were to use the same internal name for the NAS in each location.

Alternatively, you could use different names and Infuse would keep the watched status and ratings in sync using iCloud (these are tied to the actual IMDb IDs), but you may see duplicate content if you have 2 different devices added to Infuse.

Another alternative would be to use 2 different iCloud accounts, and log in to a single Trakt account to keep everything in sync.