Using Infuse while not on home Wi-Fi connection

Hi everyone-new to the forums.

I have a Raspberry Pi running XBMC which is connected to my TV in my front room, a Virgin Media Super Hub 2 and a 2tb external hard drive which stores all my films.

Now I can see the films fine when using the app when I’m at home (bar the few that have DTS audio), but what I’d like is to be able to see the films when I’m out and about and fancy watching something.

Is this possible? Are there others running a similar setup that could guide me through the process to get it up and running?

You could buy a Verbatim Mediashare wireless unit. This box of tricks creates its own wifi signal once you’ve hooked it up to your hard drive. It’s batter powered so if it’s running a large capacity drive it’ll not last long. Best off buying a memory stick and shoving your favourite films on there. Should last about 5 hrs set up like this. If you can plug the verbatim into a power source, the 2 tb drive option will work just fine.

I’ve got one of these things and can tell you it works great.

Hope this helps.

I recently got a Mediashare box to watch movies on the go.
I can get infuse to see the drives following the instructions to set it up but I cannot go past the top level of the drives to the actual files?
Everytime I press the button it loops back round to the top level.

Any ideas?