Using InFuse Pro on a second Apple TV4

Love this program and have my library working great at home fed by a WD server. So now we’re at our vacation home which has another Apple TV 4 that looks at a smaller and different local movie library stored as well on a WD server. I had no problem getting the vacation house library built by adding the additional share from the local choices. However I see my share from my permanent residence showing up as well at the vacation house and as a result the software is trying to update and of course fails. Before I delete the share from back home I want to know that I wouldn’t be knocking my library out. I’d be happy to pay twice but you can’t really do that with Apple accounts as everything is tied together. Also noticed I see my watching list is from both houses. I just want to make certain I’m not causing myself more trouble than it’s worth and using the program in a way it wasn’t designed. Any help appreciated and hopefully I didn’t miss the answers elsewhere.

In this case you’ll simply want to disable the ‘iCloud Sync’ option (in Infuse > Settings) on one (or both) of the devices. Doing this will prevent changes made on one device from syncing to others.