Using infuse outside home?


i have a synology and and i created DDNS ip for external access…

but i couldn’t access my media out home by infuse using webdav

i follow the steps …

what i forgot?

see the picture and tell me what should i write on every blank …

thank you

Welcome to the forum!

Have you seen the user guide here?

It may help.

Have you added all the required ports to Your router to ensure WebDAV is available externally?

Also, any reason why you’re using WebDAV and not plex on your synology? Plex is a little easier to setup for remote access.

Because using infuse by webdav is faster than plex

I did all steps but didnt connect

Any one can give me the steps clearly? Please

Does it work internally? If it works internally but fails externally then it’s a firewall issue on your router. Make sure the ports are opened and forwarding to your synology NAS.

I will try to do it thank you ,

I’ll ask again, did you try the steps in the users guide I linked you to?

It has Synology specific instructions along with links to Synologys website on how to set it up.

Yes i did all the steps exactly… but

What should i write on (path) in infuse?

Hi, I am stuck in the same place, what to write in the path: when adding “other” share on iOS App. Thanks.