Using Infuse on slower networks

I have many of my movies and TV shows stored in OneDrive.

This works fine when I’m at home, where I have a network speed of 350 Mbps and achieve sufficient speed from OneDrive.

At the cabin, on the other hand, I have a network speed of approx. 70 Mbps and typically 35 Mbps or below from OneDrive. This results in frequent buffering when it comes to movies with over a certain bitrate, which in practice makes it impossible to watch them.

My solution to this is to download the movie from OneDrive and stream it to Infuse on the local network via a shared folder in Windows Explorer, but it goes without saying that this is not the smoothest solution.

What I wonder is whether it would have been possible to make a “slow networks setting”, where the movie initially buffers for a longer time, but with the advantage that it gets enough cache(?) so that it is not interrupted during playback?

Is there a limitation in the Infuse app or in the Apple TV software that prevents this from happening? Ideally, it could have been the case that, based on a calculation of the download speed in relation to the length of the movie, Infuse could choose an initial buffer time that was sufficient to avoid buffering during playback.

It wouldn’t have been a problem to wait a while before the movie started, as long as this prevented interruptions during playback.