Using Infuse 5 Pro with 4K HDR MKV files through ATV4K to a 1080p display?

So I’m looking at using my ATV4K with Infuse 5 Pro with 4K mkv hevc/h265 files and I was wondering how it would work when outputting the video to a 1080p LED TV/Projector. As in… will my server hosting the mkv files need to transcode the files in real time like plex? thanks in advance…

Infuse will downscale 4K → 1080p, and smartly map HDR → SDR so you videos will appear correctly on the 1080p projector/TV.

This is all done within the Infuse app, so there is not special server software required.

Excellent news! Now… once I get a 4K HDR display/projector I will see the full resolution with no down scaling correct? I know that tvOS (ATV4K) does not support native MKV file type containers so I wonder how that happens. In addition… it would be a god send to be able to use my existing Plex UI but use infuse’s awesome player to natively play the files. Is that what is pending for the v5.7 release? thanks again!

The upcoming 5.7 update will include deeper Plex integration, and we also have a number of UI improvements planned as well.

If/when you swap out your gear for 4K/HDR compatible stuff, then yes you’d get full quality video playback. Whether Infuse downscales your videos or not simply depends on what resolution your Apple TV is set to.

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Makes sense… thanks for your help! definitely appreciated :slight_smile:

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