Using infuse 3 to access WD my cloud HDD


I currently access my external HDD that is networked via my Apple Airport Extreme the way you’d access any other network drive in infuse. I’m thinking about buying a WD my cloud so that I have more storage and am able to access my media files where ever I am. However, I know that for the my cloud HDD, there’s an external application that can be used to load in files (and I think NEEDS to be used if I’m to access my drive anywhere else). My question is for anyone who currently uses my cloud with infuse, are you able to access it the normal way through the shared menu in infuse when your iOS device is on the same network as the My Cloud? Thanks in advance.


Hi Silon,
Go on and get the WD Mycloud. I have it up and running since some months and after coming across Infuse I´m happily streaming all my (divx) films and music (mp3) to my iPad and iPhone. When connected to your network you´ll find the WDmycloud as one of the shares and you should be able to connect to it without a problem. Make sure you have the UPnP/DLNA option activated on your WDmycloud.


Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: I sorted it out actually. I just added the share manually using the local address for it. Worked very well. But it’s good to know there’s a non FTP way of doing it.