Using Greenpois0n RC6 on top of Seas0npass

If I have already performed a tethered jailbreak using Seas0npass, do I need to restore my ATV2 to factory settings before running Greenpois0n RC6.  I would like to run this untethered jabilbreak but I'm not sure if I can run it right over my current Seas0npass jailbreak or not

Thank you for any assistance.

i would use TINYUMBRELLA to back up the SHSH.  Then do a factory restore.  Then TINYUMBRELLA again to be certain it was backed up.

Then use GREENPOISEN RC6 to untethered jailbreak it.

warning though, as some are mentioning they have issues.  You can do a RESTORE via ITUNES, or via hardware directly on the APPLETV in a menu selection.  Try either or to see if you can get GREEENPOISEN to work.  It was a lot of guess and try for me on my ATV 2, and I never had used SEASONPASS



Thanks for your response.


I'm not really sure what tinyubrella is and how to use it (I'm kind of new to all of this and just try to follow what I read). Do I need to back up SSH files and if so how difficult is it.


Which type of factory restore do you believe is the better approach.