Using EyeConnect to stream EYETV files

Hi there

Has anybody got a ‘how-to’ to enable the streaming of my EyeTV files on my MAC Pro down to my ATV? I see that Elgato have EyeConnect which will serve up the EyeTV files to a UPnP client. Does anything in ATV Flash work with this. Running the latest version of ATV Flash, 4.05.

Thanks for any help

Just to add my voice to MarkO’s query. I’d like to find a way to stream my EyeTV files to ATV Flash too.

Unconverted EyeTV files can be played through nitoTV. These can be streamed to the AppleTV by setting up a share point.

More info here:

Thanks Guardianmax.

I’ll give that a try with NitoTV.

Is it possible to stream LIVETV from EyeTV to ATV (maybe use EyeTV’s iphone stream?)