Using external drive

It’s up to you. If you really need one of the features from the 5.1.1 Apple TV software it might make sense to wait, but if not the 5.0.2 version works just fine.

Well James I confidently went about the jailbreak and struck two issues. The first was the mini USB I had was no good so I purchased another only to discover that my ATV is a Series 3 so I will have to wait for the development of the software to do the jailbreak. I wonder if you have any idea when that might be?

Unfortunately we don’t have an ETA for the ATV3 version at this time. Sorry.

Hi, I’ve recently purchased Apple TV 2nd Generation… I’m just wanting to have a questioned answered if possible, in regards to ATV Flash Black?

My Question: Main reason for Apple TV 2nd Generation and ATV Flash Black, is to watch my movies, which are currently stored on my Portable 1TB External Hard Drive, this Hard Drive is constantly connected upto my 21" iMac, which is always connected to my wireless internet. Will Apple TV2 & ATV Flash black pick this up ok, in regards to watching my films straight from External Hard Drive/iMac?

A response would be greatly appreciated.


Yes, your movies can be streamed directly from the external drive to the ATV2 with aTV Flash (black) installed.

Full details on setting this up can be found here.


Brilliant! Thank you James! So I can literally just have my External Hard Drive, constantly plugged into my iMac, then using ATV Flash and Apple TV watch films from there using my standard broadband… Don’t need Airport Express, or NAS?


Yep! You can stream from a Mac, PC or NAS drive…your choice. :)


How do you then Access this on Apple TV 2? ATV Flash Black is installed.

I cannot get my Apple TV 2 to recognize anything from my iMac or External Hard Drive!? Please Help!

Once the drive has been shared as described in the link above, you’ll want to setup a new (AFP) share on the Apple TV. In order to access the drive you will need to enter the username and password you use to login to your iMac. You can connect without entering these, but will be limited to accessing your Mac’s ‘Public’ folder.

I have seen on iClarified site a tutorial to install USB HD on a Take 2 AppleTV…

I think that this is the prove that the mini-USB was capable of supporting an external hard drive.

Why did you not have mentioned this here? …I have missed something?  :confused:

That tutorial is for an Apple TV1 which does support HD connection via USB.  The ATV2 does not.

You are right!

Sorry… I have confused Apple TV 2 with Apple TV take 2!  :[