Using Ember Media Manager

I seriously hope FireCore starts considering Ember Media Manager as a local metadata scrapper instead of us having to manually type every single thing in. I rather use the NFO than XML since this program does everything for you from naming the picture files correctly to the plot descriptions. I hope EMM is put into consideration because FireCore wouldn’t have to release any other program but to support this one. I have tried renaming the NFO to XML on the latest version and it simply does not work. Nothing shows up because the tags aren’t even being read or something.


So I hope the team considers Ember Media Manager as a potential freeware for people like me that would rather scrape their own media than relying on TheTVDB or TheMovieDB.

I completely agree 100%. So far i have uninstall Media Player due to the fact that the metadata fetching i very sub par… I have to correct a lot of mismatch, i does not andl well multi-language library and does take too much memory on my device due to the large size of my media database… I have made to switch to Ember and local metadata… Onl xbmc handles t his right… I hope firecore ajust very quickly… Or it wold make no sense to bu their product