Using aTV Flash (Black) for my movies

Where can I find a detailed instruction how to set up my aTV so I can finally watch non i-Tunes Movies on my TV with aTV Flash (Black)? What are the ways to do this, what are the options? Firstly I’d like to watch .mkv but I think this doesn’t work jet. I’d be happy when I could use it for anything! I bought it a few months ago and since then I couldn’t use it for a single thing :frowning:

You have been able to watcvh files off SMB or AFP network shares using the Firecore Media Player since beta 5 (although it tended to stutter on HD video).    At that point I tended to use the XBMC Media player in preference.  

Beta 6 seems to play mkv files up to 720p smoothly, but still struggles a bit with some 1080p mkv files and I now use it preference to the XBMC Media player for most material.   The FireCore Media player can play DVD films via the Media player where the files have been copied to a network share.   There  XBMC media player can also play from iso images but tends to not be as smooth as the Firecore media player and is a lot more cumbersome to use.

If you want mp3 music then at the moment you need to use XBMC as that is not (yet) supported by the Firecore Media player.

Well, I was finally able to jeilbreak and install the new version aTV Flash (Black). Seasonpass didn’t work until yesterday. Now I have the Media Player on the ATV and added my mac to the shares. I’m still searching a detailed instruction how to set up everything to watch non iTunes movies on the ATV.

I do not think that the detailed instructions exist yet!

However if you have the shares visible in Media player it is merely a case of browsing the share to the movie location and hitting play.