Using AppleTV with Sling (2 Outputs???)

Ok, if I were to buy a SlingBox, I’d want to hook up my satellite receiver and my AppleTV.

I know that I can send HDMI out of the SAT & component at the same time. This allows HDMI to go to the TV and the component to go to the SlingBox.

I want to do the same with AppleTV. I want the HDMI to go to the TV and send a component to the SlingBox. Is this possible? I think that the AppleTV can only output a signal via one output at a time making this impossible.

I’d have to unplug the HDMI from the AppleTV and plug in the component everytime I wanted to use the AppleTV with the Slingbox. Correct?

Interested to know if you found an answer. Just bought a Slingbox pro and I get no picture when I connect it.

Unfortunately it’s not possible to have simultaneous HDMI and Component video output.