Using AppleTV 1 with AppleTV 2


I have an AppleTV 1 (silver) and I’m thinking to buy an AppleTV 2 (black) for bedroom and I want to know if it is possible to make streaming from AppleTV1 to AppleTV2 using aTV in one of them or in both of them.



Yes, with aTV Flash installed on your 1st gen model and aTV Flash (black) installed on your 2nd gen AppleTV you can stream media from the 1st gen to 2nd gen.

More details on setting up File Sharing on your 1st gen AppleTV can be found here:

Ok, Thanks


What about if the files you want to share is from i external harddrive connected to the AppleTV1, is it then possible to share it to the AppleTV2???

Yes, simply enable the File Sharing option on your 1st gen AppleTV (via Maintenance –> Settings) and you can stream files from the silver AppleTV to the black AppleTV.