Using Apple Vision Pro while offline

Just got my AVP and downloaded the iPad version of infuse to my AVP. This might be a stupid question but in order to watch my movies or shows on the plane (offline no internet), there are 2 options:

  1. download the movies/shows files to AVP
  2. Drop files to iCloud Drive folder and download it? Does this also utilize my AVP storage space?

How will you guys use it on the plane with infuse and offline?

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I have a Network drive, and from there I setup a shared folder pointing to it in the AVP Files app, from there you can copy to your AVP local storage. You can take the AVP off while copying, as long as it is plugged to the battery.

thanks, I am able to download it to avp local storage via infuse app, however only have 512gb so can’t store too much. I was wondering how iCloud would work when offline, my assumption is that I would have to download it to avp local storage to work no matter what.

i use google drive for everything. ive got 5tb. is it possible to download from google drive to a folder in infuse? or am i dreamin’? :wink:

I imagine the best option would be to download the video via the infuse app unless you want to open it in another app as well then download it from iCloud

I was thinking that, but then I noticed not everything is downloadable from Infuse. I don’t know exactly what you can and cannot since I didn’t have show file names turned on, but I just opted to transfer to the files app directly.