Using an External Drive

Hello Everyone,

New ATV user here. Got everything up and running. I just have a couple of questions;

How do I properly upload movies to the attached USB drive. It’s connected, and I see it, but is there a special folder or something I need to create?

How to I get the movie poster artwork for the movies once there on the attached drive?



so there’s not one person here that can answer this?

You can do it connecting your hard drive to your computer or through your network with Cyberduck. You can create any folders the same structure will show up when you browse through on your aTV. With the posters there is a default folder in your aTV’s library (I don’t know its location from the top of my head) or you can put it in the same folder with your movies (using the same filenames as your movies).
Currently I am using an external HD attached to my Airport Extreme and loading it through Finder.

Where can I find information about using cyberduck with atv?

Go to your ATV>Settings>Network and find it’s IP address

In Cyberduck, enter the IP address
Username is frontrow
Password is frontrow

You will then see the directory of your ATV

Dies that help?

Yes it does very much. Thanks.