Using an app other than Infuse

I play profile 7.6/8.6 file with vimu player program with external hard drive, I think Dolby Vision is real, in this case, are you okay with me?
My Sony x90j TV

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There is a post above by @james that outlines exactly what Infuse will decode and how. There are other posts also in this thread that may shed a bit more light on things also.


You’re welcome, if you have further questions you can ask in this thread if it’s regarding DV profile 7 & 8. You don’t need to copy the post to another existing thread.

Are you having a specific problem with DV 7 & 8? If so, what device and what version number of Infuse? Specifically what problem are you having?

I do not use APPLE TV and infuse
I play the file via USB TV with hard drive and from VIMU app
I want to make sure that the real Dolby Vision file is playing

Sorry but this forum is for the support of Infuse. You’ll have better luck on the Vimu support forum if they have one.


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