Using a non standard port for SMB connection


Since Infuse is unable to connect to my NAS using FTP/SFTP (I have opened a support request for this in October but it still is pending), I am thinking of using SMB to access my movie files when I am away from home.
Problem is that my ISP seems to be blocking SMB ports (as some do). Is there a way to configure Infuse to use non standard SMB ports? (I have tried hostname:port but it doesn’t seem to work for me).


You should really not be exposing SMB over the Internet. SFTP is really what you should be using. What about it isn’t working for you?


Problem with SFTP is that Infuse displays a message “An error occured” when I try to connect. If I try to access the SFTP server from the same iOS device but using another application than Infuse (for example Documents by Reedle) there is no issue connecting to it. So I suspect at least part of the issue is related to Infuse (it might also be that my NAS’ server is not perfectly compliant with the FTP standard, but any other client I have tried seems to be OK with it).

I have opened a support request 2.5 months ago but there still is no update on it so I am looking for an interim solution.

I know SMB is not the safest to use over the internet, but as SFTP is not working I would be willing to chance using it with a red only account as my NAS is only used to store movies and TV series anyway.

Keep in mind that FTP and SFTP, despite the similar names, are completely unrelated protocols that work in completely different ways.

FTP is the one you’re probably more familiar with: it’s a typically unencrypted file transfer mechanism that can often be a bit tricky because of how it uses multiple ports.

SFTP is the SSH File Transfer Protocol and is basically an extension of SSH (Secure Shell), an encrypted way of remotely accessing a command console. It is typically built-in to most SSH servers. Major advantages are that it’s encrypted end-to-end, and that it only uses a single port (typically port 22).

Configuring these two things (FTP and SFTP) would never be the same setting in your NAS config, they would be configured separately. I don’t know what model of NAS you have, but make sure that you’ve enabled SFTP specifically, and that you’ve forwarded port 22 on your router. Also, make sure that you have not enabled remote SSH access on your router, because then that port will already be in use by the router and can’t be forwarded to your NAS.

SFTP is definitely enabled on the NAS (Bufallo Linkstation Mini) and I have forwarded port 22. I am definitely not mixing it up with regular FTP, and I am able to establish SFTP connections to the NAS through various other clients on Windows, Mac OS, and iOS - from my LAN or from the Internet. But the exact same connection settings trigger an error message when used with Infuse (while another SFTP client used on the same iOS device on the same network is able to successfully establish a connection).

Must likely there is some type of compatibility issue between Infuse and Buffalo’s SFTP server, but as Infuse doesn’t give any more feedback than “an error occurred” it is unfortunately not really possible to troubleshoot as a user. To add to this, regular FTP doesn’t work between Infuse and the NAS either (while SMB works fine), so there must be something which is shared by the FTP and SFTP servers which behaves in a way Infuse doesn’t like.