Username / password combination incorrect on Infuse for Apple TV 4

I’ve downloaded Infuse for the first time on my Apple TV 4, but am receiving an error when I try to set up a share. Here’s my configuration, based on instructions I’ve found on the Firecore website:

  1. On my desktop (Mac mini running macOS Sierra 10.12.2):
    1. In System Preferences > Users & Groups, I have created a "sharing only" user with a username and password (I am using my iCloud username and password to log onto my Mac mini, so I understand that I can't use that to try to connect via Infuse)
    2. In System Preferences > Sharing, I have:
      1. Enabled File Sharing, using SMB protocol
      2. Added the folders I want to share to the Shared Folders list
      3. Added the "sharing only" user to the Users list for each shared folder, with "Read Only" access (I have also tried "Read and Write")
  2. On my Apple TV 4 (running tvOS 10.1.1):
    1. In the Infuse App, I have:
      1. Selected my Mac mini from the list of Available Shares
      2. Accepted the default values for Name, Protocol (SMB), and Address (which matches the name that shows at the top of the Sharing page on my Mac)
      3. Left the Workgroup field blank
      4. Entered the username and password for the "sharing only" user from my Mac (I know the username and password are correct, because I'm copying and pasting them directly from a password app)

When I click Save, I receive the following:

Checking connection…

And then:

An error occurred
Your username and password combination isn’t right. Please try again.

Incidentally, I can connect to the Mac mini share from another computer.

Any thoughts on what am I missing?

One other thing to check is ‘Share files and folders using SMB’ and ‘Windows File Sharing’ are both enabled. These options can be found by clicking the Options button in System Preferences > Sharing > File Sharing.

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A-ha, that did it! I saw that option, but did not think it applied, since it referred to Windows. I have successfully added the share to the Infuse app, and it is now syncing my movies & TV shows. Thanks!

Great! :smiley:

It helped me too, pffff. Thx for sharing and help.

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