Username and password combination isn't right - a total lie

I have not once changed my username or password since I set up Infuse which used to be working just fine on my Apple TV 4K.

And yet one day, Infuse completely crapped itself and removed all the metadata, and the connection to my iMac seized up.

It is now claiming that my ‘username and password combination isn’t right. Please try again’ which is simply untrue. I even re-entered my password for good measure. Also, it’s weird that it’s saying that, because it seems to have no issue locating my top-level folder on the iMac with all my volumes.

Is this a macOS Catalina problem? Or is this an Infuse-wants-me-to-upgrade-to-Infuse-6 problem?

Edit: Did some digging and unticking and re-ticking ‘File Sharing’ on my Mac fixed it.

I think Infuse really needs to have some kind of sticky with these common issues, or improve their error messages to assist the user.