User Star Rating vs. Trakt Rating

First off, I want to give major props to Firecore Community I have been getting so many old questions answered in the past week!

I noticed the following questions were sort of posed 1-2 years back but thought I would double-check if the answers are still the same…

  1. When adding your own UserStarRating using the Infuse Browser or through an XML file – I assume both of these are essentially the same?

Either way, I have noticed that the official rating (from Trakt or wherever) gets overwritten whenever you add your own rating. Once this is done, I noticed you can change your rating (1-10), but cannot revert back to the Trakt rating. Or am I missing something?

  1. When you add a rating through an XML file, can you use a decimal value (like 6.6) or only whole numbers? I ask since many of the Trakt ratings include a decimal value.
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As to the decimal for ratings, while it may be possible you still would be limited to whole numbers when you use the library to sort by ratings I believe so you don’t really gain much with decimals. Heck, I’m kind of a “Thumbs Up” “Thumbs Down” kinda viewer. :wink:

Also as to the removing of the user posted rating you may want to add your support to this currently running suggestion thread.


Ahh yes, I hadn’t considered that - good call!

In all honesty, I have way to many movies to ever consider the possibility of rating even half of them. I agree that a Thumbs Up/Down (or :heart:) system would be more useful to classify items one of two ways:

  1. I would watch it again
  2. I would not watch it again.

Perhaps having this in addition to the Trakt ratings would be optimal, so that I could just rely on a crowd sourced rating.