User Interface Selection Bug with Infuse app

There is a bug with infuse app in the library section of the app. @james

When we head over to LIBRARY SECTION,
and if click anywhere on the left blank side of any selected CLOUD storage or any media host , it removes the ticket from that CLOUD STORAGE or any media host. i have uploaded the video below for better understanding.
here’s the video of the bug

This also happens by mistake that we clicked anywhere on the BLANK BLACK area near the selected "MEDIA HOST " such as google drive, plex server. it auto deselects that, which should not happen as I did not click on the HOST ITSELF so it should not remove that.

Please reply and solve this issue with the app.

I am a long time user of infuse and happy with the product.
Please check this issue.

This has been fixed in the 7.5.4 update.

Thanks for the report!

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