User Error? No Luck Loading aTV

I’m expecting someone to say it’s totally my issue, which I realize is likely, but I’m boggled trying to get the software loaded on my ATV.
Started with an 8gb Corsair Flash Voyager, loaded it up fine with the install instructions (after formatting to Mac Extended), attempted to load it on the box itself and got nothing. Restored the aTV to 2.1, tried again, nothing. No text scrolling, nothing to indicate it booted up differently.

Dug around in here, determined the likely culprit was the flash drive. Bought one that was listed as compatible (Kingston 1 gb Datatraveler). Formatted properly, loaded the software as instructed (always from the .dmg). Things looked good.

Back to loading the software on the box. Unplug, insert flash drive, replug. Nothing. Regular startup screen, no scrolling text, no finish indicator. Held down menu and - sign to reset, nothing diffferent.

Any guidance would be so appreciated. Thanks.


Sounds like an incompatible flash drive. Take a look at:

K - this is the exact same thing i just posted about here a few days ago…

I have the kingston 1gb stick -and it DOES work fine… read my post… and hopefully u r able to resolve it…

This is a bit ridiculous. I attempted the “wiggle and remove reinsert” scheme from Mixxxer and got nothing. I know the USB port is powered as I put a USB lamp into the plug and it works. I also plugged in my 8gb Flash Voyager (which the forum suggests is too big) as it has a LED on it, and when the ATV started up, it flashed the LED several times then went about a normal startup.

I’ve followed the instructions perfectly, reformatted and reloaded the Kingston DataTraveler (which has no LED on mine, btw), and still no luck. I’m rapidly approaching a refund. Can anyone offer any new suggestions?


PM sent.

I just recently bought my copy of aTVFlash and can’t say that my experience with installing the product has been that great either. I’m posting on the end of this forum (which appears to have been resolved via a refund) because it was the best fit with my experience, which in a nutshell was:

[] forked out my cash[/]
[] installed successfully onto my USB flash disk[/]
[] failed to load from my USB flash mem-stick onto the Apple TV[/]
[] found myself (all too quickly) digging through these forums, suffering two days of frustration and going through 3 different USB flash memory sticks before I finally got up and running.[/]

It seems to me that the problem with USB flash disk compatibility is a fairly frequent diagnosis on these forums. Would it not be prudent to state this plainly on your website and provide a list supported and/or unsupported mem-sticks? Might help to prevent filling your forums with negative feedback.

To get you started, here were the results from my aTVFlash adventure:

Failed Memory Sticks:
Adata - Nobility Series PD10 Flash Drive (8GB)
Legend Compact USB Flash Drive 256Mb

Successful Memory Stick:
Verbatim 1GB (purchased from my local Apple Store)

The only problem with your idea (which is a good one) - is that I have the exact same usb flash drive as otheres here. Mine works. Theirs will not.

And to top it off - mine does not work every time… (see my link in this thread to my experience with my usb flash drive)

Tough one…

Turns out, as many suggested, it was the flash drive. I’m using a Memorex version, as stated in the suggestions by Apple Core. You can find one here-

Anyway, built the drive from the Disk Images, plugged it in. Bam. Done.

No yoga moves, no wiggling, no head stands. It works great. Very cool.

So, in a nutshell - Trouble, suggestions, Developer suggests its the flash drive, get a new flash drive based on that recommendation, problem solved. I did not get, nor seek, a refund.
Great follow up from the developer and a great product!!


I just failed on EagleTec 4GB

As I posted in another related thread, I have also had no success with my Sandisk Cruzer 4GB, even though I have patched my ATV successfully with it using a different patchstick ( It looks like ATV Flash is a better product (when it works), but the installation issues that people are having here seems out of the ordinary.

We know that the ATV doesn’t support the majority of flash memory devices, but I know for a fact that it can mount and read from my Cruzer 4GB and I have patched my ATV with it before. Why, then, does it not boot at all when using the ATV Flash image?

The aTV Flash requires a drive 256MB - 2GB in size. Larger drives are not compatible.

We have a forum thread dedicated to flash drive compatibility. It can be seen at: