Use "Up Next" only on Apple TV Home Screen? (Hide "Up Next" in Infuse, but Preserve on Apple TV)

Inside the Infuse App, displaying the “Up Next” row at the top doesn’t appeal to me because (in my instance) it duplicates stuff done better below (by pinned custom lists).

Settings options allow you to choose which content appears, (ON, Watching Only, Recently Added Only, or OFF).

Problem is, turning it OFF also removes the Up Next list from the AppleTV Home Screen, where (in my opinion) it is most useful as designed.

I mean, when I turn on my Apple TV, and select the Infuse icon, the Up Next is already active (since Infuse, as a most-used App, is naturally in the top row of icons :wink:) so if I want to watch something from the Up Next list, this is where I will choose it.

However, if I don’t want to choose something from the Up Next list, I’ll need to open Infuse instead to dig deeper into my library — in which case, the Up Next list that appears inside the App is doubly redundant (both because I just had the option to use it outside the app, and because better lists can live below) and a waste of prime real estate at the top of the screen. Further, it’s actually WORSE inside the app, since on the Apple TV home screen Up Next uses narrow poster.jpgs but inside the app it uses larger fanart.jpgs which most often don’t even identify the title of the content.

Can you pretty please code something so the Up Next list can be utilized on the Apple TV Home Screen even while it is hidden within the app?

Current Up Next List item in settings:
Settings / General / Up Next List / On, Watching Only, Recently Added Only, or Off

Pretty please add something like this below:
Settings / General / Up Next List Display Location / Home Screen Only or Home Screen and Infuse



Would love to have this option added

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Could you add the ability to hide the Up Next row inside the app but still display the Top Row on Apple TV? Or better yet, add the ability to display something other than Up Next in the Top Row of Apple TV home screen, such as a favorites folder.



I know I’ve specifically requested this before. Agree 100%.

Moved your post to a currently running thread requesting this feature.

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My search foo was weak on this one. Thanks for having my back!

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Lol. Probably because my original thread title was pretty clunky. :grimacing: