Use TMDB cover for TV Show (not for season)


I assume this was discussed before, but I wasn’t able to find the topic, so sorry in advance for that.

As expected, if I have a folder of a TV Show than Infuse detects the individual seasons and uses cover for each one from TMDB. That’s great!
But why doesn’t Infuse uses the cover for the (entire) TV Show (also on TMDB) for the folder itself, that holds all seasons / episodes ?

I was able to work around it by downloading the cover from TMDB and put in inside as folder.png, but it could (and should) be done automaticity by Infuse, as it is done for the individual seasons.
Am I missing something or this workaround is the only solution ?

I am using “Google Drive” with latest Apple TV 4K, tvOS and Infuse.

For one of the shows you have where this is occurring, can you post an image (or preformatted text block) of the file directory for that show (showing how you’ve organized your folders and named your files)?

Thank you for your reply.
I assume this means that you don’t have this issue in the same situation and it’s only for me ?

My library is on “Google Drive” and this issue happens for me on all TV Shows that have more than one season ( and I got a lot :slight_smile: ).
For example…

This show:

Heroes (2006-10)

Inside the folder:
(ONLY all episodes files (MKVs) of all 4 seasons)
and etc.

You may want to try changing the name of the main folder from
“Heroes (2006-10)”


“Heroes (2006)”

The year span is probably throwing Infuse off so if you stick to just the start year it should be fine.

This is the structure that’s been working 99.999% of the time for me.
TV Show Name and structure

(Not) using per-season subfolders seems to be the difference maker here.


^^ I see @NC_Bullseye beat me to the punch again.

His note about eliminating the use of year-spans in folder names and filenames may or may not be the root cause of your stated issue (let us know if it is!), but given it’s elevated potential to trip up the TMDB scraping algorithm, it’s great advice to apply throughout your collection, regardless.

I tried it in the past and it didn’t work but I did it again now (both the changes you pointed) and it didn’t make a difference. Still all 4 season are recognised by Infuse and it show covers for them, but not for the TV Show itself (the main folder). I also tried force refreshing by changing to local metadata and then back to online metadata but still the same.

What I did was:
A. Change the main folder to “Heroes (2016)”
B. Created “Season 01” , “Season 02” , “Season 03” and “Season 04” folders and move the relevant episodes to each folder.

Maybe the issue is that I use “Google Drive” ? Do you guys use “Google Drive” and don’t have the issue I am facing ?

Once you make the changes above you’ll need to also do an “edit metadata” for one of the episodes to get Infuse to reload the artwork for that show.

I also tried that now, but I can do that only for a season (not an episode as you wrote). Still the same.

I do not use Google Drive in that way.

My media is stored on a local NAS, and I generally include poster artwork images (named “folder.jpg”) in each TV series folder and TV season subfolder — which I understand is something you’d like to avoid.

However, sometimes I’ll move newly created TV series episode files to my NAS prior to acquiring my chosen series and season poster images, and this affords Infuse the opportunity to query TMDB to acquire whichever images are the most popular for each and display them in Infuse.

In such cases, when browsing via the library, an indexed series will be correctly displayed with the most popular series poster image. As Infuse now flattens TV series’ episode details pages (presenting all episodes in one page with text-based season tabs to jump between episodes of different seasons) it is no longer possible to view tv series season poster artwork via the library.

When I view these files through the folders view, however, I’ll be presented first with the most-popular series poster as the artwork for the series folder, and the most-popular season posters as the artwork for the season sub-folders.

Are you instead seeing only a generic thumbnail image for the main folders containing your TV series season sub-folders?

Yes, it’s seems that for you (NAS instead of Google Drive) there isn’t an issue (yes, only through folders view).

This is what I am seeing…

The show folder:


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One more thing to try, if you’re files don’t have the year behind the series name like “Heroes S01E01.mkv” you may want to remove the year from the Series folder so instead of Heroes (2006) it’s just Heroes.

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Indeed that ought to easily identify if the issue is related to the series folder not being recognized as being specifically associated with the tv series that the tv episode files contained within are associated with.

I’d only add clarification that if making the suggested quick change results in the desired effect (that the season poster now be shown instead of the generic one), it would be better practice, generally, to instead add the series release year to each episode’s filename, rather than stripping it from the season folder name — more data, more better :wink:

One thing I noted looking into your specific example is that TMDB does not have a Hebrew language-specific series-poster image for Heroes — only Hebrew season poster images.

I don’t know whether the season poster image isn’t displaying because of the above suggested potential series folder name / episode filename discrepancy, or because Infuse isn’t properly falling back to English (or another user-specified fallback language) when such resources aren’t available in the user’s preferred primary language … but you might want to consider that, if implementing @NC_Bullseye ’s suggestion doesn’t prove to be the solution.

OMG that worked! Thanks NC_Bullseye!
So I checked further and added to all the files the year (2006) and it still works but I must have also two other changes you mentioned:
The sub-folders (separating the episodes for sub-folder per season) and removing the year span.

Something else, Infuse disregard “Subtitles” and “Extras” sub-folders for movies, but not for TV Shows ? Isn’t this a bug ?

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You’re welcome! Glad we got it working for you.

As to the

See @FLskydiver post here

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Hey @james , another bug fix to consider. What do you think ?
In folders view, Infuse doesn’t display the TV Show cover (only display for the seasons inside) if the user does not do two things (which seems to me that none of them should be required):

  1. Match the title release year of the TV Show folders to the files (even when the files don’t have any and they are still recognised by Infuse)
  2. Separating the episodes for sub-folder per season (“Season 1”, “Season 2” and etc.)

P.S. Does infuse support title year span in the naming, instead of just the release year ? Like the above example: “(2006-10)”

Browsing via folders will be somewhat limited in the automatic things it will do. This is because doing too many of these fancy things will slow down folder loading quite a bit.

Have you tried using the Library to browse your shows? This will remove pretty much all requirements for folder organization and just show artwork everywhere (series, season, and episode).

Yeah, I use the Library, but sometimes it seems needed to use the Folders as well. Like when using cloud storage and a new episode is added to a TV Show, I find myself using the Folders.

I understand considering performance (as a software developer myself).
But, these specific improvements seems to fixed in a way that doesn’t generate performance impact.
Since, if I understood correctly, this can be added after the fact and “lazy”. Meaning that after Infuse already sorted and matched all seasons/episodes in the sub-folders (the major work), it should match correctly the main folder that was already stored in Infuse DB.

Also, as Infuse evolves, also the minimum performance requirements evolves, since the new Apple TV 4K is much faster than previous model, users have better Internet connection that a few years ago and etc.


(Infuse’s default metadata provider, TMDB, does not support this, either.)

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