Use Siri to enable/disable subtitles

Wait… you mean “What did they say?” is supposed to be working now? It doesn’t for me. It manages to rewind 10 seconds, but the subtitle part has never worked. It always says “Subtitles are not available for this content”, even though they are. Tried it with multiple shows and movies and it has never once worked for me.


This has not been implemented yet

Thanks… thought maybe I was missing something! It will be nice when this is working.

I think implementing the subtitles requires a kind of “toggle subtitles” option first. Right now there’s only functionality to pick a subtitle track or pick no subtitles. So this would need to be able to guess which subtitles you want if you haven’t already picked one, and then also remember which subtitle you’re using.

A while ago I created a thread asking for a toggle-subtitles button – precisely because if we can’t do it with Siri, I’d at least like to be able to rewind, turn on subtitles instantly, play, and turn them back off. But right now it takes several steps to turn subtitles on and off using the Apple remote. (Swipe up, navigate over, down, right, click, up…)

There are so many times when I can’t quite make out what somebody said, and need subtitles just for a few lines. But at the moment it is way to cumbersome to rewind, switch on subtitles, then switch them off again.

When I used Plex I had subtitles mapped to my remote, so it was one button on/off (a second button toggled between subtitles if there were more than one to choose from).

Infuse is so much better in many ways, but this is the one thing I really miss about Plex.
For me, easy subtitle on/off is my #1 feature request for Infuse… by a country mile.

I might have to re-wind a half a dozen times to understand something, having the subtitles temporarily show up is super helpful