Use playlists as a favorites folder on ATV

I really hope I’m missing something very simple that would allow me to do this. For a quick explanation, I have movies and tv shows under the favorites row on the ATV home screen. These are the favorites I’ve selected from my share that have populated here. This is a good way for me to click on “Movies” or “TV Shows” and see all movies or all TV shows in a poster-wall view. I love it.

Here comes my need:

I use the playlists feature to replace collections at the moment (since we are unable to have custom collections). I would like to have the “playlists” option next to movies and TV shows (under favorites) that would show all of my playlists I could scroll through. Basically I want it to replicate (in a way) IOS: Playlists are in a row on the home screen - I can click on “See All” and view all the playlists vertically. I want a Playlists icon under favorites - so when I click on it I can see all of my playlists on the screen. I currently have 29 Playlists (renamed collections) on the home screen on the 2nd row, but I can only see 3 at a time since they are landscape icons. It takes a long time to scroll through them.

Is this possible?

Try going to Library and then long press on Playlists then select “Add to Favorites”

Thank you! Unfortunately I very much dislike the UI, as the playlists are not shown with their artwork and takes the fun away from “browsing” through playlists like they are on IOS. Instead they are shown as a simple list. Good to know that’s there, but I’m sad there isn’t a poster wall or artwork wall view for these :confused:

hopefully when customizable collections are available, this can be the case

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