Use of MySQL database

It’d be great to be able to use a MySQL database - the recent issues with the iCloud storage and sync have shown that having data stored on something you don’t control just doesn’t cut it.

I’ve had the MySQL database i started with KODI and keep current with MrMC (as a backup - i prefer the infuse interface and user interaction), it’s backed up nightly automatically and i’ve never once lost my data. Something unfortunately i can’t say following the recent iCloud debacle.

Most of us are running our storage on NAS’s, most of which can easily run MySQL meaning we could all control our own destiny and iCloud availability wouldn’t be required to keep multiple ATV’s in sync


Totally agree with this. If this support was present I’d port all of my Android TV Kodi clients to Apple TV with Infuse - and happily pay for all the hard work put into the app. Trakt is great and all (I use it as a form of offsite library watched status backup) but thats all it ever should be. From a performance, availability and security perspective, having local database support to faciliate multiple clients is an absolute must. Leaves me with no choice but to stick with Kodi - or use MrMC which have gone the extra mile with MySQL integration with the Kodi DB, but they have left a lot behind on the UI experience. First tool to get something like Infuses interface with Kodi DB or MySQL general support will corner this market I reckon.