Use multiple onedrive accounts

is it possible to use multiple onedrive accounts?
If I want to add a new Account, it will log in again to the other account. Is there another possibility.

For OneDrive, what we’ve found is the best option here is to use a single account, and share content from other accounts with this main account.

This will allow you to access content from multiple accounts, without having to log into each one.

I didn’t know that was possible. Thanks

How do I set this up?

Not a onedrive user but I Googled “how to share a onedrive account” and there are many pages with step by step instructions. That may be your best bet. :slight_smile:

I did that… maybe this is a really simple process but for some reason I am not getting how to add a “shared” link to my “main” OneDrive account.
where do I put the link ???

I think I finally figured it out!!! needed to add the folder from the shared - didn’t think this would work because I did not have the space but it does not seem to effect space.

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