Use manual subtitle selection from Plex

Is it possible to use the manual subtitle selection from Plex in Infuse? E.g., if I overwrite Plex’s default track selections, it will always remember my selections.

Both Plex and Infuse don’t work for people who watch native and foreign content frequently because subtitles and language can’t be configured per library. I wrote a script to manually select the correct language track and subtitle track for one library so I can leave Plex to “manual” subtitles and Infuse to “Auto” so my other library is expected.

Example: Anime library- my script picks Japanese language with English subtitles
TV/Movies library- default language with default (no subtitles)

However Infuse appears to ignore the manual track selection from Plex so I can’t use Infuse without manually selecting tracks for every single episode I watch in one of the libraries.

Infuse and Plex both have pretty poor automatic subtitle selection compared to my script. My script will pick the correct subtitle track (“full subs” instead of “signs/songs”) and never pick the “commentary” audio track.

Thanks for any ideas,