Use local metadata/artwork when downloading files

I do wonder if the new Infuse “Direct Mode” currently in beta would solve the issue by allowing Infuse to completely bypass manual metadata lookup.

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It’ll solve the instant-metadata thing for Plex users. This is asking for something different tho cause I’d personally still like the “Downloading” feature to grab the NFO along with the video and SRT files to be considered tho.

You’re right, apologies for the oversight.

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I also count very much on this implementation.
It’s very annoying that infuse changes cover-art or even the movie itself instead of using the basically great working data. (poster.jpg and data from aside lying *.nfo file)

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Hello, could someone be so kind to fill me in on the current status regarding this topic. I plan to set up a Jellyfin server and connect to it via Infuse on our Apple TV. My question would be if I can manage all metadata in Jellyfin since I like to customise various aspects of it such as posters or background images. Will Infuse honour my configuration or do its own thing regarding metadata? Thanks for any help!