Use landscape artwork

is it possible for Infuse on Apple TV and on iPad use embedded landscape artwork as newer Apples apps?

On my computer im using Apples TV app to view movies from my server. It uses landscape artwork and so are my files with embedded metadata and landscape artwork.

Infuse is using older style portrait artwork and so browsing my files is looking really silly.

Currently I don’t think either source for metadata that Infuse uses offers posters in the landscape orientation, only the portrait mode.

I don’t think the current posters would look very good stretched to landscape.

Landscape posters are not portrait posters stretched wide. So landscape posters do look better to a lot of us. Infuse can’t please everyone, but the more they do please, the better.

I agree, I was just saying that with current sources that would be about the only (unsatisfactory anyway) solution until a reliable source for landscape posters surfaced.

It appears that some major changes are coming to the user interface so we both may be pleasantly surprised in the near future. :wink:

Under 7.0
“Revamped UI on iOS/tvOS”