Use iPhone/iPad as a streaming source for other devices

As a new tv os user i stumble upon a ?problem?

I usually import my movies into infuse on my ipad. But since i am using tv os i would like to be able to play the movies imported in infuse on my ipad also on my tv via tv os.
I tried creating a share on tv os with the url of infuse on my ipad, but it doesnt seem to work. Done via webdav.
It tells me the folderis empty.
Also using an ftp share i get the same message, empty folder.
Anyway, how should i set things up to be able to see films imported in ios infuse on my infuse tv os app?

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Unfortunately, having Infuse on iOS act as a file server for other devices is not available at this time, but I’m going to move this over to suggestions for now.

You can stream from your iPad to aTV using airplay

Hello, I have an Apple 4K tv and I am trying to connect and stream videos from my iPad m2, but the iPad is not showing up in the available shares section, does this mean infuse on Apple TV is unable to add iOS devices?

Also I am aware I can install infuse on my ipad and cast videos over to the Apple TV, but I would rather control the content through Apple TV, thanks.

Is this an option with infuse? It’s one of the few features that plex has that’s quite beneficial.